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Your employees can steal, give away, or drive away more business in a day than you would pay in a year to prevent it!

Palmer Investigative Services can shop your restaurant, bar, business, or any type of company. We use experienced licensed investigators capable of testifying to our observations in court, when necessary. This is not a job for some family friend or relative.

Some of the things we will report on are:

  • The cleanliness and overall appearance of the business (parking area, lobby area, restrooms, bar, tables, etc.).
  • How your staff greets the customers. Are they selling your business?
  • The quality of the service provided by your staff.
  • The quality of your product (food, drink, whatever you sell).
  • Compliance by your staff with any laws or regulations that apply to your industry (liquor laws, safety laws, health laws, etc.).
  • Any liabilities noted (lights not functioning, unsafe practices, horseplay, wet floors, etc.).
  • Employee honesty. Do your employees adhere to your company policies? Are they giving anything away, ringing up every sale, leaving work early?
  • Gender specific shopping. Do your employees treat women customers different from men? Is pricing the same? Is the service the same? Are questions answered the same?
  • Trademark infringements. Who is selling what?

What about your competitors? Wouldn't you like to have them shopped to see what they are doing compared to your own business? Business intelligence shouldn't be limited to large corporations.

We will consult with you at no charge and tailor our shopping services to your needs. Only after learning what your needs are can we give you a firm quote on costs.

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