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Do you really know who you are hiring? Are you in a new relationship? Thinking of taking in a partner or investing with someone? Do they have a criminal record? Are they involved in any lawsuits? What do their previous employers say about them? Were they involved in sexual harassment? Would you like to know more about who is going to work for you or who you are going to be partnered with?

Please Note – There is no central database where national criminal and civil records are kept! We are not an internet instant background check company using outdated copies of old public records. We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety using licensed and bonded investigators to investigate a person’s background. Beware of instant check sites that take your money and provide you little more than you knew already. We cater to your needs!

We provide:

  • Local Background Searches within Yavapai County, Arizona.
  • Background Searches within Arizona.
  • Background Searches on persons anywhere in the U.S.

Our Clients Include:

  • Governmental Agencies
  • School Districts
  • Churches and Religious Institutions
  • Major Employers
  • Private Individuals and Business Professionals
  • Landlords, Apartment Complexes and Property Managers

We are not limited to our local geographic area, and can find information on anyone, anywhere. We can design one or more packages for anything from a one time investigation on a perspective mate, business partner or employee, to an employer’s need for regular pre-employment checks on new hires, or landlords wanting to know who they will be renting to. You can have one level of screening for volunteer workers and another for regular employees, with maybe another for those being hired for a position of special trust such as working directly with children, handling money or upper management. We also offer free help designing an application for your workers and/or volunteers, or renters, so that you obtain the right information from your applicant.

Click here to learn what records we use in our background checks.

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